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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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biggest one will be at the end of the week there's a series of systems. it's wet just in time for the commute. this is the system. this is the first of a series pushing through the bay area. it's a warm system. we typically have water but with this is not that dynamic. we are looking at relatively light amounts. you can see the heaviest rainfall is showing up in the fairfield area. that's impacting the drive. the wipers are on moderate towards concorde and antioch. we come back to the bay area proper and you see most activity is winding down. as we move into tomorrow, we are setting up to see some cold air get in here that could bring
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the chance of a thundershower. we will see some sun tomorrow but a thundershower in the forecast tomorrow and wednesday . we have more rain at the end of the week. today's rain is making for slick roads and a slow commute. this is our live drivetime traffic map. you can see all of the red on the bay bridge. this is i-80 at the macarthur maze it's heavy going . >> the commute direction is on the left. >> that picture is backwards to me. it's very slow going. >> this is the san mateo bridge commute heading eastbound on the left, it's moving. you can download our free weather app for the very latest
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on this week's rain. we are posting updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. in washington, the fbi had has -- possible ties between russia and members of the trump campaign. james comey said he is seen no evidence to support the president's plane president obama wiretapped trump tower before the election. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him, i have no information that supports those treats. we have looked carefully. >> the statements came during a five-hour hearing on capitol hill. the white house insists the investigation will show no collusion. joel waldman has the developments. >> i can promise you we will follow the fact is wherever they lead. >>reporter: fbi director james comey for the first time
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admitting his agency is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 us presidential election. the director adding the federal probe also includes examining any potential links between the trump campaign and moscow. >> he cause it is an open ongoing investigation and is classified, i cannot say more about what we're doing and whose conduct we are examining.>>reporter: a flood of leak to details of a secret russian dossier on trump prompting this response from nsa director mike rogers. >> we are greatly concerned about leaks of classified information. they can reveal the sources we employ. >>reporter: the testimony turned to allegations made by president donald trump himself. in a series of tweets beginning march for claiming former president obama wiretapped trump tower in the months leading up to the november election. the white house remaining undeterred in its own belief there was some sort of surveillance.
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>> before president obama left office michael flynn was unmasked and illegally his identity was leaked to media outlets. >> also today president donald trump's nominee neil gorsuch gave his opening statement before the senate to dish area committee. coming up details on that and analysis. the us is banning all electronics on nonstop flights to the us from eight countries in the middle east starting tomorrow. while jordanian airlines first warned passengers that laptops, ipads, cameras and other electronics won't be allowed in carry-on luggage for us bound flights. it has since deleted that tweet. details have not been released including which airports are affected or how long this new band might last. california governor jerry brown began a trip to washington today. it's his first trip since president
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donald trump took office. it's an opportunity to get the lay of the land at a time when california lawmakers are worried about the impact president donald trump's policies. the governor's office hasn't released the agenda but did say he plans to attend a board meeting for the nuclear threat initiative. governor brown and president donald trump differ on many issues from climate change to healthcare but governor brown hopes to work with the president on infrastructure. family, fans and former teammates are offering support for former 49er dwight clark following his announcement that he has been diagnosed with als. clark is 60 years old and says he started experiencing symptoms year and a half ago. you can only walk short distances and can no longer button a shirt. the wide receiver made to be best known for the catch. in his statement he wrote,
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while i'm still trying to wrap my head around the challenge i will face with this disease over the coming years, the only thing i know is i will fight like hell and live every day to the fullest. he added, i've been asked of playing football caused this. i don't know but i suspect it did. i encourage the nfl players association and the nfl to continue working together in their efforts to make the game of football safer especially as it relates to head trauma. >> als is a progressive disease and involves how neurons in the brain control motor functions. marco bonnie and -- we were talking and you were saying he is a nice guy. >> 35 years or so we go back and threw everything he is such a nice guy. one of the things that strikes us all is when our heroes are held up so high and
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then we find them to be human. that is hard to accept. the thing that strikes me about dwight is, number one he is not going to want anyone throwing a pity party. he's an upbeat guy. he is known for the catch but he was a great player he played nine years in the nfl and always had enthusiasm. he always felt fortunate to be here and fate kissed him when he made that catch. he made the best of it. he could hear stories about that catch and every time i witnessed him talk about it it was like the first time. he was always enthusiastic and loved the fans. i go back and i want to show a piece of video, 1984 super bowl
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that was the highlight of my career. they had just won the super bowl. i was trying to interview him. there were 25 seconds left in the game and he said, we want a big ring. i think that video embodies what he was like. as i say this, dwight i'm sure, will fight to perpetuate the knowledge about this disease and make sure the nfl continues to not only research this disease but the significance of injuries sustained during a career and how that knowledge can be used to prevent this kind of thing. we don't know 100% if this is what caused dwight clark to experience als.
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he is just a true gentleman. i'm sure anyone who will tell you he had a southern charm and an enthusiasm about everything. he will fight like hell. >> he is so much fun to watch. he loves to talk about football . he is always so good with the fans. just him being a well-known sports figure ringing attention to this diagnosis. it will raise awareness. >> he translated his personality on to the screen. he was just himself. we would talk about not over analyzing gang, it's just two guys talking. fans were able to glean a lot of knowledge. he was passionate about the game. you would see him out and he would want to talk football. he was passionate about the
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49ers. he was also upset with the way things had gone. we would talk about how to fix it. i'm sure he is still doing the same stuff. >> i got to try on his rings. that was cool. he was so nice about trying them on. >> as we said, he did not do it in a bragging we. it was just kind of can you believe this is my life. >> he is one of the guy to have five rings. people forget he was in management as well. >> he was a truly nice man.>> when the cameras aren't rolling , that's when you know him. former teammates are sharing their best wishes for dwight clark. jerry rice says dwight has done so much for me as a player. my rookie year he showed me how to run the alter road we know him for the catch but he's been great he cares about people.
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please pray for him. i love the guy. >> joe montana said jennifer and i are saddened by the diagnosis this is a difficult time for dwight, kelly and all of us. he is family. we hope the public will be cognizant of his desire for privacy. coming up later, living with als on ktvu news at six that 30. -- 6:30.
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a stolen gun, drugs packaged for sale. just some of the items seized by police from a home in the east bay. eckley police say it started with the tip about a car break- in. it turns out it led to much bigger crimes. >>reporter: officers discovered evidence of street-level narcotic sales and equipment possibly used for identity.
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-- theft. it began with the call to berkeley police sunday morning. the community member reporting three suspicious people possibly attempting to break into a car. >> it's unclear what they were doing. officers contacted the driver and found him in possession of narcotics. >>reporter: the sergeants is a tree ink -- trio was not burglarizing the car but found drug paraphernalia. one of the suspects found here when -- a search warrants led officers to manning's home in oakland. this picture shows what they seized 1000 pills, a loaded
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assault rifle, drug packaging materials, scales, ammunition, a credit card machine, and credit card stop. >> if you were in the identity theft business you would have those machines. >>reporter: the best is proof immunity policing works. >> it was the community tip that brought us there. we are grateful for the information provided by a concerned member of the community.>>reporter: the trio is currently behind bars facing charges. >> i'll be looking for anymore suspects? >>reporter: they think they have all three. it is under investigation. >> that was christina rendon own. >>reporter: union city police
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are looking for woman who hit several people with her car in the parking lot of a wal-mart. she was told she could not return some batteries and was upset as she left. when she got to her car she backed out a parking space and sent people running she intentionally hit several other people. she was driving an older silver honda accord. we are learning about a police shooting in san jose last week that left a man wounded. least say the man was holding a caulking gun. jesse gary tells us john bradley bowles is in critical condition after being shot several times by three officers. >>reporter: the item that was appearing to be a weapon was in fact a caulking gun. chief eddie garcia says officers had split seconds to determine if the caulking gun was a weapon.
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john bowles was behaving erratically refusing to reopen a -- obey commands. when he raised what could have been a real gun three officers pulled their triggers. >> additional officers fired at the suspect out of fear he would enter the parking lot and strike innocent people. >>reporter: the conclusion was preceded by his odd behavior. hours earlier neighbors say he was outside a home, agitated and throwing things from his truck. he then removed his clothes. >> i was freaked out. we don't see naked men running around. >>reporter: both say he chased a mother and her child near san tomas park. >> the kids were crying. it was not good. >>reporter: police arrived but he was now inside his truck and rammed through police that had blocked him in. >> he floored it.
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his tires were smoking. that's when he hit the truck. >>reporter: on the road and driving recklessly he had a collision before reaching the mall for miles away. given everything that happened, chief garcia defends his officers use of deadly force. >> the officers felt they had to use that forced to save lives.>>reporter: john bowles is charged with multiple crimes. the san jose police department homicide unit and the district attorney are conducting a joint investigation into this. it's being monitored by the independent police auditor, the city attorney and the police internal affairs division. all three officers have 67 years on the force combined. they were all wearing body cameras and those will be used in the investigation. all three are on paid administrative leave which is standard in this kind of
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officer involved shooting. we have more whether to talk about. we have had some really nice weather and now we are going back into a wet pattern. we have this evenings system moving through, tuesday and wednesday is in unstable condition. we will see cold air and the potential for a thunderstorm. there will be sunshine. friday, we have something going on. we will watch this storm, that will be the headline. none of it is out of control. it is going to have some pop to it. here are the rain totals for today. showers are moving east. it's
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raining all the way down to santa barbara. showers right now in concord, fairfield and vacaville. there is some stuff in san jose moving in our direction. more showers during the evening. tomorrow, be prepared for that chance for thundershower. it looks like tomorrow morning's commute will be dry. i don't think the afternoon commute will be wet. we will have a chance for scattered thunderstorms. motorcyclists performing dangerous stunts on the bay bridge.>> they were driving recklessly. they were kicking car doors. >> the latest on this slide show all caught on camera. some reaction in sports.
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chp is investigating this slide show on the bay bridge last night involving dirt hikes, motorcycles and atvs. that was all caught on camera. >> rob roth tells us investigators are looking into whether it's consult -- connected to the assault of a
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lyft driver.>> they were doing wheelies and putting people in danger. >>reporter: this woman said she could not believe what she was seeing on the babe reach -- bay bridge. while her husband was driving she recorded this on her cell phone. >> we thought it was dangerous for them to be riding like that with no helmets and going on the emergency side. >>reporter: she said the bikers check out her car. >> they looked at us. i don't think they could see that i was filming. >>reporter: ktvu obtained video that shows more bikers on the bridge , perhaps 30 or more. the concern was safety for the other cars and the bikers.>> i
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think they were having fun. i don't think it was done on purpose. they didn't realize the danger they put themselves in. >>reporter: what she did not know as a california highway patrol spotter plane noticed a bikers and was tracking them.>> they were writing recklessly and kicking car doors. there were reports of bottle throwing.>>reporter: the chp says the bikes splintered off. officers arrested one woman on charges of aiding and abetting a speed exhibition. they also seized several bikes. >> we had a couple units in position for traffic stops and when they tried to, the vehicles did not stop. >>reporter: they are investigating whether these bikers were involved in the
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beating of a lyft driver. he spent more than a week in the hospital. >> it's a coincidence that we have another group of off-road vehicles doing similar behavior . it's too early to say. >>reporter: the chp says it will study the video and more arrests could follow. rob roth ktvu fox2 news. neil gorsuch making his case to the senate today. details on the first day of his confirmation hearing. new developments about a poisonous tea. investigators are working to trace the source. continuing coverage on dwight clark's als diagnosis.
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today's top stories, rain has returned during this first week of spring. the weather will last only. the strongest system is ex


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